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Our services to: Individual Investors.
We work in a number of different ways on behalf of Individual Investors. This can include Limited Companies, Partnerships and High Net Worth Individuals.

  1. Working for you as the Investor/Purchaser: ensuring we obtain the best price and maximise your return. This is often achieved by negotiating ‘below market value’ (BMV) prices, which deliver ‘above market’ net yields.

    We undertake this in two distinct ways for our investor clients:

    • We take your instruction to source specific property/business to meet your requirements.
    • We obtain property/business opportunities to place before our registered clients. The majority of these are both ‘off market’ and are exclusive to us.

    We find that the majority of our clients want a ‘hands-off’ involvement in the management of the asset, so as part of our comprehensive service, we can source this facility if required.

    Specialist finance for individual investors: Whilst many of our High Net Worth clients are ‘cash purchasers’, increasingly a proportion of funding is used, so we can find you an innovative funding solution through our Broker contacts. Our Brokers have ‘fast-track’ multi bank relationships, which may be more competitive than your own financial sources, so can assist you in leveraging finance to maximise your borrowing potential. Alternatively, a crowd funding facilities maybe the most suitable; this is proving increasing popular in the property market.

    Often net yield on capital employed i.e. the cash invested in the acquisition, is the key measure of success, with funding being used to complete the purchase, rather than the yield expressed in relation to the asset value. Naturally this allows investors to acquire significantly more properties, obtain high net returns, and high capital growth at the same time thus spreading risk.

  2. Packaged armchair investments: working closely with carefully selected developers and project providers, we can offer you a range of unique investment opportunities e.g. individual student lets, care homes rooms, high quality apartments and car park spaces, which offer the following advantages:

    • Assured attractive returns
    • Fully managed
    • No direct involvement from the investor required
    • Defined exit route in the majority of cases

  3. Project consultancy to developers and businesses owners: As retained consultants we can assist you with any confidential projects, e.g. sourcing of building sites, land and acquisition targets. This can be used as a resource in any sector to deliver directors and/or business owner’s growth aspirations. Calling on the significant experience across our management team, we can facilitate these assignments, quickly and professionally, so you get the results that you require.

    In addition, we can utilise our experience in financial analysis and producing business growth strategies to present comprehensive business cases for project planning, obtaining funding, asset disposal and exit strategies.

    Specialists finance for developers and business owners: working closely with specialists funders we can deliver a comprehensive business proposition on behalf of the business owner/developer, understanding the business challenges in achieving a successful outcome.

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